Terms & Conditions


  1. Prices are as per the current pricelist and subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Taxes extra as applicable.
  3. Once order placed will not be cancelled.
  4. Purchase order shall carry Our Softwares name.


  1. Installation within 10 Days from the date of purchase order unless and until specified.


  1. The license cost includes license to use the software for Single Company having Single Ecc No Single Site (Only for PS-Excise Software).
  2. Software Licenses are available in Stand alone or Multi concurrent user-LAN Version as customer requirement.
  3. License requirement other than point no a. and b. will carry extra charges
  4. For using same license at more than one location will be charged extra per location.
  5. In the event if installed version requires any shifting of it's installation will carry license transfer policy. Please see the license Transfer policy for more details.
  6. Software license title is non transferable and not for resale. All invoices are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.


  1. Any variation in taxation law, if affect the operation of the installed version of the software and demand any alteration in report format of utility of the software, such upgradation will be provided free of cost for the period of one year from the date of software installation. Deliveries of upgradations will be through various media e.g. onsite visit, downloading from website, accessing remote locations PCs etc.
  2. Free service support on software features will be extended for the period of one year from the date of the software installation.

    On completion of the aforesaid period of one year free warranty, if required, a license holder of the PRITI Software can enter into software maintenance contract for period of one year.


  1. We will provide One year free (AMC) Service after Installation, Training & Timely upgradation for any Changes according to Excise Rules & Regulations.(Only for PS-Excise Software)
  2. The upgradations According to the Rules & Regulations will be provided to the customer at free cost, as long as the software is under the AMC Period.
  3. For every single additional company on the same installation and on the same machine is created then Additional Company AMC Amount would be charged extra Per Company.(Only for PS-Excise Software)
  4. If data back up is there, Backup Data Restoring will be done by our support engineers at the client site for free of cost, provided the software is under AMC.
  5. The Following services will be available to the customer at Free of cost as long as the software is under AMC period
    (First Year AMC Period or the Paid AMC Period)

    1. Training for the software if required through phone or through personal visit.
    2. Data restoring. The client should give & keep the backup data as metioned above.
    3. Problems & queries solving through phone or through personal visit if required.
    4. Reinstallation of the software with the old license Incase of HARD DISK formatting / Machine failure or changing the HARD DISK / Machine etc.
    5. The upgradations according to the change in government Rules & Regulations.


  1. Excise Invoice (Excise Gate Pass) will be set once according to the Company's requirement (Invoice Setting is Only once. Second time onwards will be charged Extra Per Copy Setting in case the invoice format is changed by the customer).
  2. Support & Services are available from 6 x 12 via email, chat and personal visit.
  3. No. of visits is not a criteria for implementation of the software. Any number of visits will be provided till the software gets fully implemented withing one year from the purchase of software.(Only for ready to use software)
  4. Training will be provided to the user / users till they fully get accustomed with the software. There is no typical time frame for training. Training time schedule to be arranged between the support engineer and the client at a mutually convenient date & time.
  5. PRITI Softwares requests to take the necessary action and percaution for a faster and a successful implementation of the software in your premises.


  1. Any customization apart from the statutory requirement as mentioned in the product catalogue will be charged extra according to the quantum of work involved.(Only for ready to use software)

    The cost will be arriving after a detail system study in the client side by our support executive.


  1. PRITI Softwares is not responsible for the data corruption due any external hazards (power flutuation or failure in your premises etc) / hardware problems.

    PRITI Softwares Strongly recommends that the Client should be taking the multiple backup.