• PS-Lite
    (Manufacturing ERP)
  • PS-Excise
    (Central Excise Software)
  • PS-CRM
    (Marketing CRM)
  • Invoice +
    (Invoicing Software)
  • Inventory +
    (Inventory Software)
  • PS - Account
    (Accounting Software)
  •          Web Based        

Manufacturing ERP Software Solution for Your Industry

The PS-Lite ERP System is a seamlessly integrated Manufacturing ERP solution that links all departments within a mid-to-large sized manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation. By making complex issues simple, PS-Lite helps streamline manufacturing business processes to maximize productivity and profitability.

PS-Lite Manufacturing ERP Includes:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Manufacturing Standards
  • Bill Of Material
  • Production Planning
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Material Requirement Panning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Quality Inspection
  • Material Procurement
  • Central Excise Documents and All Its Registers For India
Manufacturing ERP includes Marketing, Production Planning, Metal Procurement, Shop Floor control, Quality Inspection (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Central Excise Statutory Registers.
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Excise Software: (PS-Excise)

Our Excise Software has proved in maintaining an accurate & Error Free Central Excise Registers. Our Excise Software has extreme features, which are described in detail here and given, into different sections. We deals in single user as well as multi user windows based excise software. Our Excise Software is suitable for any kinds of manufacturer units and many manufacturing units use our excise software. Our excise software is very easy and simple to use. It also helps the user to get all possible statutory e.g. ER-1, RG23 A-II, RG23 C-II, RG-1, Rule 7 Reports and all possible MIS reports on click of single button.

Central Excise Software includes ER-1, RG23 A-II, RG23 C-II, RG-1, Rule 7, Form 2, RG-23D, Defacing  Slip and All other Excise Registors for Manufacturer and Dealers, Priti Softwares

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Marketing CRM Software : PS-CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. PS-CRM software is used to support these processes; information about customers and customer interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different company departments. Typical PS-CRM goals are to improve services provided to customers, and to use customer contact information for targeted marketing and customer history

Increase User Adoption

With the PS-CRM, users may individually manage accounts (leads, prospects, customers), sale opportunities, task lists, calendar appointments and email scheduling for mass customer.

Make Users More Productive

Users can schedule alerts, reminders and automated next step activities with each customer event or activity cycle step.

Improve time and task management with a Calendar and automated task list that is integrated with activities, personal to-do items and Outlook Notes tasks and appointments

Use the Administrator tools to perform user group management with templates, merge duplicate accounts, perform global data updates or reassign group permission to user.

Achieve enterprise-wide information visibility for better decision making and improved customer management.


Customer relationship management (CRM), Contact Management System with mass mailings, Meeting Synchronisation with outlook
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Invoicing Software: (Invoice +)

Widely used Window Based Billing / Invoicing Software Trusted By All Companies. It helps user to maintain purchase , sales, payments and receipts of parties , on basis of which it provide a vat enabled reports such as purchase tax register, sales tax register etc. And it also gives a party wise outstanding report to the end user. And one can also maintain his inventory. Even one can take the invoice print out on pre-printed invoice paper or on continuous paper or on completely blank paper there is no restriction nothing for user.  This invoicing software is suitable for Traders, Small Manufacturer as well as medium level organization.

Invoicing system, Billing system with Sales tax and purchase tax register and all other MIS reports
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Inventory Software: (Inventory +)

Inventory+ is inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium as well as big sized enterprises. Managing inventory has never been as easy! Inventory+ lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this inventory control software.

Inventory+ Inventory Management Software
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Accounting Software: (PS-Account)

Financial Accounting Software for small as well as medium size organizations, it is very simple to use software. Our Financial Accounting Software helps the users to maintain an account of company on click of single button. It also provides the facility, where one can generate the vouchers without having an account background. Our Financial Accounting Software is also available with customize invoicing system, where one can get the invoice printout either on plain papers or on pre-printed papers etc. On the basis of voucher entry one can avail all kinds of possible Financial as well as MIS reports, e.g. Trading, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Outstanding Reports with all possible combination.

PS-Accounts Financial Accounting Software
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Web Based Solutions:

PRITI Softwares implement project's on multiple platforms, has excellent practicle hands on experience in database related business application as well as web application, Microsoft Sql Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, VB.Net, C# & ASP.Net. We also develop a customized softwares for specific application, environment & roles.


Web based Softwares & web designing
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